Project Description

Your Support Makes Memories

As a mother and a Damar employee, I love that our kids will grow up to have “normal” and positive childhood memories to reflect upon. Not only is this significant to me, but to the kids at Damar. So many children in residential care spend the majority of their time in units inside and rarely get to go outside, let alone go on community outings. Thanks to the generosity of others, our kids get to swing, play on a playground, swim in a pool, ride bikes outside, go to the zoo, ride school buses, participate in school activities, be a member of an athletic team and go to prom. What makes this even more significant is that they get to do these things with peers who are experiencing the same challenges they are. So, for a period of time, they are not seen as “different”, they don’t stick out, and they are allowed to be who they are – a remarkable child.

– Melissa Combs, Sr. Director, Quality and Compliance Initiatives