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Running into the Future

Karachi Warren has chalked up two major milestones in a short time. The 22-year-old recently moved into his own apartment, and this summer he’ll start a job at Community Hospital. His mom, Precious Johnson, couldn’t be prouder. But she admits that these big steps come with some mixed emotions...

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Karachi holding a race medal
Kennadi smiling

Return to Success

Diagnosed with autism at age three, Kennadi Jones made great strides when she received therapy from Damar ABA Autism Services starting at about age 4. In fact, mom Kayla Nelson said, by age 8, Damar had helped Kennadi get settled into full days at school and released her from further ABA services...

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Cody at a Christmas party

Caregiver Support
Makes the Difference

Wendy Hale can’t imagine raising her grandson, Cody, without Damar ABA Autism Services by her side. “You can’t do this alone,” she said. “You can’t figure it out yourself. I don’t care if you have a doctorate degree, unless your degree is focused on children with disabilities.” Cody has attended Damar ABA Autism Services...

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Picture of Ashsai

Christina Holds
the Key

It was a literal key that unlocked Christina Hodupp’s future. A 25-year-old Damar Behavior Management services client, Christina has overcome a lot in her life, but when she got her own key to her apartment for the first time, things really took off. Filled with a new confidence, she decided it was time to take charge of her...

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Megan smiling

Megan's Remarkable

Megan is an adult living successfully in the community. She has worked hard on her behavior, using behavior management and music therapy to build her skills. Last summer, Megan fulfilled a bucket list goal: becoming a rock star. With great excitement, Megan performed her original song, “Total Solar Eclipse,”...

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Picture of Ashsai

Ashsai's Remarkable

Shortly after Ashsai started attending Damar Charter Academy (DCA) in 2014, her family moved to Richmond, Indiana. Because of the difference they were seeing in her, the family continued to get her to DCA every day for school. When it was finally decided the commute was too much, they let Ashsai move in with her...

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Roger holding his bird house

Roger's Remarkable

Roger has been a long-time fixture of the Damar community. Those who have attended any Aktion Club events have most likely encountered Roger serving drinks, taking tickets, or assisting in some capacity to make the event a success. Due to Roger’s fragile X syndrome and orbital apex syndrome diagnoses...

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Cortez and his family

Limited Language,
Unlimited Potential

In the six years Damar has provided services to Cortez Foster, one thing has remained true: while his language is limited, his potential is unlimited. Damar often enters into a family’s life on their darkest day, and was called into Cortez’s life by Riley Hospital for Children, where he had been sent after the Marion County Department...

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Felicia smiling

Felicia and her
Son Bounce Back

Felicia M. Johnson lost everything: her job, her husband, her home. Her son, Josiah, was then diagnosed with autism. She was told he wouldn’t be able to talk. “I was alone with an autistic child I didn’t understand. There was nothing I could do to comfort him. Then Damar extended a hand. As he learned, I learned."...

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