Committed to Advancing Care

For 50 years, the people at Damar have led the way in the care for and understanding of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, seeking not just to offer state-of-the-art treatment, but actually to generate new ideas and innovative approaches.

When that is your aim, you learn a lot … and you feel compelled to share your lessons so others can learn from them, too.

In this space, you’ll benefit from the insights we’ve gained by providing care and constantly seeking new answers to the challenges faced by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the people who care for them.

Out of Tragedy Comes Strength

At Damar, we work to find ways to integrate families into our programs, making a large difference in the results we can deliver to both our clients and families. Discover how parents can make a remarkable impact.

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You Can Be a Foster Parent

With 23,000 kids in the foster-care system – up from 13,000 just five years ago – Indiana desperately needs foster parents. Guenevere Kalal, Damar's Foster Care Services Director, shares the impact foster parenting can have on our community.

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A Challenge – Aging with Disabilities

As individuals with developmental disabilities age, they encounter the same aging problems as the general population—physical limitations, degenerative conditions, etc.—but they also face challenges unique to them. Read on as Dr. Jim Dalton provides insight into this aging population.

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Can the ABA Payment Model Be Sustained?

Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, is widely praised for its clear, positive results and the dramatic impact it can have on the lives of people with autism. How can we offer these services in a way that is financially stable? The ongoing debate continues about the cost of services and levels of coverage. Read as Dr. Jim Dalton, President & CEO of Damar Services, shares his insights.

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Back-to-school Tips for Kids with Special Needs

Transitioning from summer fun to the classroom can be difficult for students with intellectual and behavioral disabilities. Julie Gurule, Director of Student Services at Damar Charter Academy shares tips for a great start to the school year.

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