At Damar Services, our responsibilities vary, but we all spend each day serving the lives of people living with life’s most challenging behavioral and developmental disabilities. From the entry-level employee to the clinical specialist, and from the Direct Care Technician to the Accountant, every one of us can say, 

I don’t just work at Damar … I am Damar.  I make a difference.

Remarkable People — We Are a Remarkable Team

At Damar, our people are remarkable.  Our staff are dedicated to serving our clients to achieve remarkable results.  We are a diverse team of men and women with a wide range of skills and experiences interested in careers that matter.

At Damar, we will provide you the training to help you not only provide the best service to our clients, but provide a place where you can fulfill your career ambitions.

With competitive benefits, a culture of compassion, innovation and fun, Damar Services offers you the opportunity to do remarkable work. To begin the application process, click here.

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