What We Do

For more than 50 years, Damar has been helping children and adults with autism and other developmental, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities live their own remarkable lives.

What We Do

For more than 50 years, Damar has been helping children and adults with autism and other developmental, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities live their own remarkable lives.

Our Philosophy & Approach

Everyone is remarkable. And everyone with a developmental or behavioral disability can make remarkable progress toward living a more independent life. For more than 50 years, Damar has helped the people we serve and their families get the right care, in the right setting, with the right caregivers.

It’s why we’re considered one of America’s leaders in our field. It’s our philosophy of care—of developing a unique plan for each person’s own remarkable path—that sets us apart.

Residential Services

Damar’s unique campus setting helps school-aged children with developmental and behavioral disabilities receive the services they need to gain increasing independence in a safe, secure, nurturing environment. Each child receives the individualized treatment, counseling, and educational services they need to make a remarkable difference in their lives.

Young male client lounging on bed
Adolescent Male Getting on School Bus

Schools & Mentoring

Children with disabilities have unique and wide-ranging academic needs. That’s why Damar offers educational services in a variety of settings, from specialized public and private schools to one-on-one mentoring to support your child in their community school environment—all with the individualized learning programs your child needs to grow and blossom.

Making the Transitions

Transitions to new living situations can be especially challenging for people with developmental and behavioral disabilities and their loved ones. Damar offers a complete range of services for children transitioning to and from residential living, foster care, living at home with the family, and making the leap to independent or supported adult living.

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Outpatient Services

Damar’s team of psychologists, behaviorists, and therapists works not only on our campus but throughout the community, with outpatient counseling services that provide individual children, adults, and families with the support they need to overcome barriers and live happy, productive, remarkable lives.

Foster Family Smiling

Become a Foster Parent

You can be a foster parent, and Damar can help you get started. Join our community of foster parents serving kids across Central Indiana and see what a remarkable difference you can make in a young person’s life.

Supplemental Services

Support groups for parents. Community training to help public-facing employees understand and deal compassionately and effectively with people with developmental, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities. Critical Moment Training to help you handle moments of anxiety, aggression, and other extreme behavior. Count on Damar to equip you with the tools you need to succeed.

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Training & Learning Opportunities

With a half century of experience in meeting the needs of children and adults with developmental and behavior disabilities, Damar has developed industry-leading expertise in the needs of the people it serves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a developmental disability? What happens after an autism diagnosis? What services are available and how do I pay for them? What do you do next? We have answers to these questions and many others.


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