Independent Living

When people with disabilities can live more independent lives, everyone benefits. Damar provides a wide range of supports to help our remarkable clients do remarkable things.

Independent Living

When people with disabilities can live more independent lives, everyone benefits. Damar provides a wide range of supports to help our remarkable clients do remarkable things.

Making the Most of an Independent Life

How We Help

Think of the challenges you face in your life—the myriad decisions, the responsibilities, the roadblocks, large and small, that affect what you do every day. Now imagine how difficult and frustrating all this can be for people with disabilities.

The fact is, issues that seem routine and simple for you can be devastating to people with special needs. Making decisions and managing consequences can be especially challenging. So Damar provides a full range of services to help our clients overcome these hurdles and live their own remarkable lives.

Choosing and Moving into a Home

Finding the right home, in the right community, can be difficult for anyone, let alone someone with disabilities. Damar can help with everything from finding the right setting to moving in, meeting the neighbors, and getting ready for a whole new environment.

Choosing Roommates

The right roommate can make all the difference to someone with behavior or intellectual disabilities. Damar can help identify roommates who will be compatible—and become lifelong friends and helpers.

Choosing Caregivers

Caring for people with disabilities is highly individual. Some need extensive, ongoing help with tasks of daily living; others need an occasional helping hand or assistance with a specific task or two. No matter what’s needed, Damar is here to help.

Getting Furniture

Furnishing a home is a highly personal thing—and some people with disabilities have unique needs when it comes to sitting, sleeping, and getting around. We can help our clients choose home furnishings that express their individual style—and accommodate their special needs.

Cooking and Cleaning

These can be among the most challenging tasks for people with disabilities. Damar can help adults with disabilities choose and prepare healthy meals, manage personal hygiene, and take care of their living spaces in ways that truly support their ability to live independently.

Finding and Using Transportation

For many Damar clients, transportation is a barrier to real independent living. We’re dedicated to helping them access public transportation or find other means of getting to jobs, shopping, entertainment, and family. Getting around independently can be a source of remarkable satisfaction!

Managing Health Care

People with disabilities have special—and often more frequent—healthcare needs. Damar can help make sure our clients have access to the right care and are equipped to comply with their providers’ recommendations.

Accessing Community Resources and Activities

It’s not just about getting around. It’s also about knowing what’s available, what’s appropriate, and what’s possible. Damar helps our clients find and tap into the community resources available to them—and live remarkably independent lives in the process.

Referrals and Intake

If you are seeking services for an adult with disabilities, the process includes multiple agencies and partners. Our adult services are funded through a variety of Medicaid waivers, so a great first step is the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services (BDDS) or Central Indiana Council on Aging (CICOA). If you already have an Indiana case manager, we can more quickly roll you into services. We are happy to walk you through the process. Simply get in touch with us.

Roger’s Story

See how Roger overcame his disabilities and turned his passion for woodworking into a remarkable life.

Roger with his birdhouse
Roger with staff member Katie
Roger working in his workshop
Roger's birdhouse
Roger and Dr. Dalton

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Damar help people with disabilities live more independently?When’s the right time to take this big step? We have answers to these questions and many others.

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