A Continuum of Care

Started by two parents wanting the best for their own children with disabilities, Damar had a narrow focus: Care for children with a specific set of needs. Over time, however, Damar’s approaches and expertise proved helpful to a much broader group of people. So Damar innovated, adapted and expanded its vision.

Today, Damar Services sets itself apart by delivering remarkable care and remarkable results for remarkable people of all ages and with a wide range of needs.

Throughout the last 50 years, Damar never lost sight of one fact: developmental and behavioral disabilities never affect just one person … they affect entire families.

And so, even as it has become a national leader among organizations serving children and adults with developmental and behavioral disabilities, Damar continues its commitment to serving both its clients and the families and caregivers who surround them.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services for children and families, click here. To learn about services for adults, click here.

Services as Diverse as Need

Damar Services alone offers services to a range of people living with behavioral and developmental disabilities, from toddlers to senior citizens, and from people with the mildest of symptoms to those with the most pronounced disabilities.


Early Intervention

Damar’s services for the youngest children are based on the belief that early diagnosis and intervention combined with intensive treatment offers the greatest opportunities for life-changing impact.



Damar’s options for children include two ABA Services by Damar locations (on the city’s northeast and southwest sides), as well as outpatient behavioral health services in other locations.



Damar provides services for youth in settings ranging from residential care to classrooms, helping children succeed in communities, at home and in school. Damar also connects foster families with children.


Young Adults

While many services provided for youth also are available for young adults, Damar also provides 24- hour or less-than-24-hour services tailored to young men and women preparing to enter the adult world.



The population of people with developmental disabilities is aging. Damar helps this population thrive, in their homes with families or alone, or in group homes and other supported-living facilities.


Older Adults

As people with developmental disabilities age, they confront health and other issues common to everyone who ages, along with other challenges. Damar helps them thrive.

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