Project Description

Your Support Keeps Me Safe

If Damar provided only the level of staffing 22-year-old Chad S. required and deserves, he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere or live in a community setting. But we know that, with the right level of care, Chad can do more than what otherwise might seem possible. So, through the help of donors, Damar provides a four-point harness and two-to-one staffing when transporting Chad, and provides staffing at a near 1:1 level to provide him with the highest quality of life in the community. Recent budget cuts mean reimbursement from the state won’t pay for him to have that level of care, but we know the difference it makes.

Chad loves the freedom of running, so much so that it can impact his safety. Knowing this, Damar paid to have a fence put up around the backyard so that Chad can enjoy the exhilaration of the wind though his hair in a safe environment.

Additionally, Damar paid out-of-pocket to turn the basement of the home into a sensory room to provide Chad and the other men who live in the home with an environment that enables them to engage in self-soothing sensory activities.

Thanks to the extra effort, Chad lives in a community setting with three other adults – which means he has more dignity, opportunity and experiences than he would otherwise. And that means he’ll continue to grow and succeed.