Project Description

Your Support Has a Positive Impact

Both my personal and professional life experience within the children’s residential programs has afforded me an opportunity to give back. Often we as staff within these organizations, get to experience what so many in our communities do not see. Damar provides a place for those without a voice. The growth of our clients is seen daily from a simple smile up to a decrease in behaviors. Our unyielding commitment to high standards for the quality of care not just for the clients but staff translate into an overall enriching experience. Successful programming has proven to have positive impacts on our client’s positive thoughts, perceptions and emotional self-regulation. Research has shown that the most successful residential programs are involved within their communities. The reputation, as well as respect that Damar has earned over the past several decades, is due to the support of our communities and state. That support translates into an effective treatment programming for our most valued resource, our children.

– Jason Rayl, Director of Residential Operations