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Serving with Enthusiasm & Compassion: Mary’s Story

Serving at Damar for over 12 years, Mary Rembusch is a true example of an employee and volunteer that goes above any beyond. Mary was recently named a 2016 Hero for Recovery, a Health Heroes Award for Mental Health and Addiction Professionals. Celli Dugger, of Dove Recovery House for Women, kindly nominated Mary and shares her story below:

For twenty-six years, the fabulous Mary Rembusch, LMHC, has been providing her special style of therapy and caring to children and adults. She received her Bachelor of Science from Purdue and her Master of Education from IU, and throughout her career, she has diligently continued her education. Most recently, Mary has obtained her EMDR Certification.

Early in her career, Mary served both New Hope at St. Vincent Hospital and Riley Child Psychiatry Clinic with what I am certain was enthusiasm and compassion. Mary has provided therapy to both individuals and families at Damar Services, Inc since 2004, serving for over 12 years. She will tell you she cares deeply for the work she does and it shows. Her calm nature and caring spirit can’t help but be felt by those who interact with her.

Approximately two years ago, I met Ms. Rembusch when she came into my office to discuss a revolutionary therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). I knew very little about EMDR but Mary knew a lot! She explained the process with such clarity and enthusiasm I became quite fascinated. As the assistant director of a very small non-for-profit, I became more interested and even giddy when she said she wanted to offer this service to our residents at no cost as a volunteer. Since that meeting, Mary has been coming to Dove House on her day off to offer EMDR therapy to our residents, again at no cost. She currently provides service to residents and alumni, once again at no charge, and all are benefitting immensely. Mary has become an essential member of our Dove House team.

A few months ago, a discussion began about having Mary come to Dove House full-time. The problem was how could this small non-for-profit provide her a salary? Mary never suggested she stop providing her volunteer service. She simply saw the need and wanted to be able to provide EMDR and therapy services to more than just those she could see on Fridays. Several conversations and meetings later, Dove House has partnered with Damar. She will provide both individual and group services to the residents and alumni of Dove House.

Mary goes above and beyond to provide support to our staff as well. She respects the residents of the Dove House program. She meets them where they are without judgement, and provides an exceptional set of tools they utilize to reinforce a successful long term recovery from both mental health issues and substance abuse disorders. Her kindness, insight, calming spirit and passion for what she does and who she serves is contagious. I can honestly say I speak for us all when I say, we are truly grateful that Mary chose us two years ago.

Mary originates from our great city of Indianapolis where she currently lives with her husband David (married for twenty-eight years) and their two cats. She has a heart for animals and finds great joy in playing the ukulele.