The Autism Evolution: The More We Know

Along with this improved understanding of autism has come better approaches for treating children with autism. While institutionalization was for decades the primary option for children with autism, new approaches opened doors to less dramatic treatments that allow children to stay with their families and in their communities.

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Autism & Employment

One of the biggest challenges people with autism traditionally have faced is finding a job. Although many people with autism naturally possess some of the “soft skills” employers find so attractive – diligence, attention to detail and loyalty, as examples – a lack of appreciation for these attributes, a lack of understanding about autism and a shortage of accommodations too often serve as barriers to the workplace for many willing workers.

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A Kind Word

Many of us have seen it: A child with an intellectual or developmental disability has an outburst in the grocery store … or he or she talks loudly or laughs unexpectedly in a restaurant … or this beautiful young person engages in some other behavior that draws attention and makes it clear to everyone that this individual is “different.”

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No Place to Call Home

A place to call home is generally accepted as one of life’s most basic needs. For many people with intellectual and developmental disabilities – and the people who care for them – it’s also one of life’s most pressing challenges. Barriers ranging from affordability to discrimination can block them from the long-term security and happiness a home can bring.

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Sex Trafficking’s Vulnerable Targets: Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Once upon a time, Americans thought of sex trafficking as a tragedy that happened in other countries. When they did begin to recognize that it happens in our country, too, they assumed it was only happening in the shadiest areas of big cities. Recently, we’ve learned that sex trafficking is a reality across the U.S. Victims are found not only in big cities, but also in small towns, suburban communities and rural areas, and they come from all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups. In other words, sex trafficking can happen anywhere, to anyone.

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A-List Celebs Learn About Damar Family, Autism and Hope

I recently enjoyed a very special moment: I saw pictures of a young man who was smiling and laughing. That might not sound like a big deal, but for some of the children I see on a daily basis, smiles and laughter can be hard to come by … and they had been particularly rare for this young man.

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