Step after step: Success comes from steady progress

One day early this winter, Vanilla Ice helped Jalen McClary over a big hurdle. And the hurdle? Ironically enough, it was Jalen’s fear of walking on icy or snow-covered steps. He simply refused to go down steps if there was ice or snow on them. Estimated read: 3.5 min

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Children with Special Needs

Anyone who has shopped for a child that has special needs knows that a little extra thought and time may be required. This holiday guide includes top gift recommendations by the specialists on staff at Damar to help make your shopping a breeze!

Estimated read: 4 min

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All in the Family

Drew has more good days than bad days, but he still has his ups and downs. Even though it would be easier for the Benedettos to give in at times – they still persist. It’s this reliable family support system that has helped Drew progress. And what incredible progress he has made!

Estimated read: 3 min

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