Committed to Advancing Care

For 50 years, the people at Damar have led the way in the care for and understanding of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, seeking not just to offer state-of-the-art treatment, but actually to generate new ideas and innovative approaches.

When that is your aim, you learn a lot … and you feel compelled to share your lessons so others can learn from them, too.

In this space, you’ll benefit from the insights we’ve gained by providing care and constantly seeking new answers to the challenges faced by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the people who care for them.

Finding the right educational setting

Alec Deuel struggled in a traditional classroom setting throughout elementary school, but once he started at Damar Charter Academy, this bright boy excelled with a combination of hard work, tenacity, and an encouraging support system.

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Children with Special Needs

Anyone who has shopped for a child that has special needs knows that a little extra thought and time may be required. This holiday guide includes top gift recommendations by the specialists on staff at Damar to help make your shopping a breeze!

Estimated read: 4 min

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KJ and Tré: Twin Transformation

Like many twins, KJ and Tré communicated with each other without talking. No one else – including their family – could understand them. They were about to turn four, and they still weren’t saying any words.

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Respite Care Is Essential

For parents, guardians or other caregivers, the occasional break from pressing responsibilities can be a real treat. For parents, guardians or caregivers of children or adults with special needs, such breaks are more than a treat. They are essential.

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The Art of Independence

Mihaela Morgan's early life reads like a list of worst-case scenarios, but thankfully, her story does not end there.

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