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Twins with autism celebrate 15th birthday at Colts game

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For many of their younger years, Joe and Jake Mahorney seldom left the house due to the extreme behaviors brought on by their autism. For the twins’ 15th birthday, however, they’re going out in style.

Because Joe and Jake have made incredible progress at Damar Services, they have been chosen to serve as Damar MVPs at the Nov. 29 Indianapolis Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Mike and Lori Mahorney brought Joe and Jake to Damar from Springfield, Illinois, in May 2014 because they had exhausted all of their closer resources for the boys with little success. In those days, the family (pictured at right in 2012) seldom got to go out together because of the boys’ behaviors and desire to run away, which is common among people with autism.

Mike Mahorney said the boys are making a lot of progress at Damar. One thing that impresses him is the social integration they experience because the Damar staff works hard to take them out into the community.

“At Damar they have been able to do so many fun things that we would never be able to do for them. This Colts game is a prime example,” said Mike. “It has been very comforting to see how the Indy community embraces Damar.”

“Our goal is always to teach clients skills that allow them to be successful in the community,” said Kristin McCoy, director of ABA therapy at Damar. “So, we practice a lot by going to stores, parks and more.”

This is a big week as the boys will travel to the family’s home in Springfield, Ill., for Thanksgiving and their birthday, returning on the weekend for the Colts game.