Giving of Yourself

Of the many resources you can bring to Damar Services, your time and talents are the most valuable. Not only do they allow us to provide services and opportunities beyond what our financial resources can allow, but they also give the people we serve something money can’t buy: You.

If you are moved to share your time and talents with people who live with developmental and behavioral disabilities – whether working with them directly or by providing a service that supports Damar’s work –contact Damar today.

Hendricks Regional Health Teams up to Help with the Damar Games

How You Can Serve

Virtually every single day, somebody is volunteering in some way at Damar. Whether it’s a college student helping kids play a game, a professional serving on a board committee, a retiree helping to plant flowers on our campus, or any number of people engaged in a wide range of activities, everybody can find a way to plugin and help out.

The following are just a few ways volunteers give their time to the people we serve:

Leading a formalwear collection drive for the Damar Prom
Assisting our clients during special events
Helping us shop for and wrap holiday gifts
Forming a company volunteer group
Joining the Damar Guild
Hosting a toy or sports equipment drive

No matter how you want to serve, Damar has a place for you to volunteer. Contact us to learn more.