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Dedicated to Damar

Created in 1972 as a women’s auxiliary, the Damar Guild has grown to become a key part of Damar’s philanthropic program. Its members not only give selflessly of their time, but also have raised more than $1 million for Damar Services.

Our Mission

We, as caring volunteers, help Damar Services, Inc. and their clients achieve their highest potential by raising funds and generating community awareness.

Every single person is a gift, it just so happens that the people with these behavioral disabilities need a little more love, attention and guidance. The families of these people need support and a place they can go for help. These people are some of the most creative, joyful and loving humans ever and what the Guild does is provide another way to create possibilities. To help show them how to live life to its fullest even when your engulfed in these challenging situations. The guild empowers families and Damar to keep on the journey when times get tough and that they aren’t alone in creating a good life for those they love.

— Amber Fields , Damar Guild President

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