Meeting a Need

A few years ago, Damar Services’ leaders noticed an alarming trend: Even as the severity of its clients’ needs increased – driving up the cost of providing life-changing care – government reimbursements decreased markedly.

Damar faced a troubling choice: decrease the level of its care and innovation, or increase its support from philanthropic sources. For Damar, it really was not a choice at all. The 50-year-old organization turned more than ever to the philanthropic sector.

To ensure good stewardship and a professional approach to fundraising, in 2015 Damar’s board created the Damar Foundation.

The Foundation was helped in its creation by a $100,000 gift from the Tynan family, a family that have been longtime, generous supporters of Damar.

We feel Damar’s clients have been dealt a tough hand in life, and it’s our responsibility to help see that they get opportunities to maximize their chances for success.

– Patrick Tynan

The family business, Tynan Equipment, has been a generous supporter, providing financial help, as well as carts that make it easier to get around Damar’s 47-acre campus.

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