Transitional Living

Making the Transition

Transitions can be particularly difficult for children with developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges – but also particularly important.

For those times when children are moving from one setting or type of care to another, Damar offers supportive services designed to ensure success. Using group homes, Damar Transitional Living Services serves youth who are:

  • At risk of needing residential care
  • Transitioning back to a family home from residential care
  • Transitioning to a foster, group, or independent living setting
  • Transitioning to adult support living service/Medicaid Waiver Services.

These homes offer secure and comfortable environments with support and services including:

  • 24-hour supervision and daily skills training from trained direct service staff
  • Individual, family, and group counseling provided by a master’s level therapist
  • Treatment provided by a multi-disciplinary team, including health and recreational services
  • IEP services provided by either Damar’s accredited on-campus school or one of the local public schools
  • Integration into the community through daily exposure and practice
  • Family involvement, training, and support.

With these services, children are more likely to experience a smooth and successful transition. If you would like to be contacted by someone from Transitional Living Services, click here and provide your contact information. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

External Resources

Transition To Adulthood

Taking on the responsibilities of living independently as an adult can be a challenge for any young man or woman, but children leaving the foster care system face special challenges.

Damar Service connects youth in several parts of the state with local resources that help them with employment and everyday living needs they will have as adults.

For information, guidance on seeking referrals and more, click here and provide your contact information. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.