Public Charter Academy

Individualized Programs.
Individual Success.

Getting a truly individualized education for a child with developmental and behavioral disabilities used to mean paying for a private school – which also meant that the opportunity was simply out of reach for many families.

As the state’s first charter school serving a sizable population of children with developmental and behavioral challenges, Damar Charter Academy delivers that educational opportunity to all Indiana children, grades kindergarten through 12, absolutely tuition-free.

With staff and professionals specially trained to work with students with special needs and behavioral challenges, Damar Charter Academy offers individualized learning programs and behavior management systems designed to keep students in schools and help them launch a lifetime of learning.

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The Damar Schools Difference

Ron Terry has many reasons to be proud of his grandson, Griffin. Most recently, however, he’s been beaming with pride because Griffin graduated with his Core 40 diploma. Damar Charter Academy is tailored for kids like Griffin, who struggle in a traditional classroom. Ron says, “Regular schools that didn’t understand what was going on with him would respond to his struggles by expelling him. When he had problems at DCA they’d say, ‘That’s part of who he is, and we deal with it.’ I think the staff at Damar makes a big difference. Plus, he was with peers who had issues just like him. So, he didn’t feel like the odd man out.”

– Ron Terry