Learning To Grow

At Damar Services, we know your child can learn, regardless of disabilities or challenges, and that he or she will be happier, healthier and able to achieve more with the right education.

Of course, we know that children with disabilities have unique and wide-ranging academic needs. That’s why Damar offers educational services in a variety of settings, from specialized schools to supports in your child’s community school – all with the individualized learning programs your child needs to grow and blossom.

Review the options here to understand what setting and services are best for your child, or click here and provide your contact information. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Students Come to Life at Damar

It is amazing to watch a child that has not succeeded in multiple other education settings come to Damar and thrive. I love seeing them smile and laugh while they are learning. Families often comment how in previous schools their child never had any friends. Now they have many.

– Erin Crick, Director of Educational Services