Autism Services

A Growing Concern

With the incidence of autism steadily increasing, it seems everyone knows a family that’s affected. Nobody knows exactly what has caused this dramatic increase but we do know this: Autism creates countless challenges for the people and families affected by it.

Research suggests that one in every 68 children in the U.S. is challenged with an Autism Spectrum Disorder – up from one in 150 only 10 years earlier.

Damar responds to these challenges by providing tools and services that deliver remarkable results. Damar offers the early intervention and intensive therapy that has proven most effective, and the compassion and support that make the greatest challenges surmountable.

They Said Autism… Now What?

You need answers. You need a plan.

For nearly 50 years, Damar Services has provided services and guidance to parents like you… parents who have been told their child has autism… parents who are looking for answers… parents who are looking for hope.

With Damar Services, you receive services that: 

  • Begin at the first hint of a disability
  • Lead you through the process of diagnosis
  • Help you understand your child’s education options
  • Continue throughout your child’s life
  • Support you as a parent
  • Help you understand your payment and insurance resources

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