Give the gift of peace of mind.

Angel has severe autism and a history of running off. His lack of verbal communication is extremely challenging and can be dangerous. If Angel were lost or injured, he would have no way to communicate his needs.

“We had always hoped that a GPS tracking system or service would be available when Angel was older and more mobile. As soon as Damar announced #IndyBandsTogether, we immediately signed up!” said Angel’s mother.

“Angel has slipped out the back door and gone directly to his baby pool. It is a terrifying experience not knowing where your child is. It is our responsibility as parents to try and protect our children as best as possible. Project Lifesaver wristbands allow us such an opportunity.”

Proud to Partner with ZPL Jingle Jam

The holidays are meant to be the most wonderful time of the year! It can be all too easy during the festivities and chaos for a child to go missing—especially those with autism who exhibit runaway tendencies. That’s why Damar is partnering with Project Lifesaver to provide a rapid response device for individuals with wandering-off behaviors. Not everyone can afford one, so let’s help them out. This season, you can help give the gift of peace of mind for a family in the form of a simple wristband.

Find us at the concert to purchase a limited-edition Jingle Jam t-shirt!

Listen to why the Smiley Morning show is giving the gift of peace of mind this holiday season!

Your donation will help purchase a limited number of wristbands at no cost to individuals with autism who exhibit runaway or wandering-off behaviors. If you have a loved one who could benefit from a Project Lifesaver wristband, fill out this form.*

* All information will be sent to the local fire department for processing.

“Children with autism drown 160 more frequently than their peers.”

— American Journal of Public Health

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