“When times are tough, Indy bands together. You know what’s tough? Having a kid with autism that runs off. That’s why the Indianapolis Colts, local firefighters and Damar Services are teaming up. We’re raising money for Project Lifesaver wristbands. When activated, the wristbands allow first responders to find kids with autism who may have wandered off. Not everyone can afford one. So, let’s help them out. Prove that Indy Bands Together.”

— Deyshawn Bond, Indianapolis Colts

Click here to contribute to the purchase of wristbands for individuals in Central Indiana who need them the most. Every dollar donated goes directly toward the purchase. Help us make a real community impact.

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For parents and caregivers of children and adults with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities, the prospect of a lost child or adult is far too real. The people they care for are prone to wandering off or running away and some are ingenious about getting through locked doors or slipping away when a caregiver is distracted.

In such cases, time is of the essence. The sooner someone is found, the more likely it is that tragedy can be avoided. That’s where, together, we all can all help.

The Indianapolis Colts, Damar Services and local firefighters are partnering to raise money for wristbands that help to quickly locate persons who have wandered… and to literally save lives.

Launched by a former Chief of Search and Rescue for the Chesapeake (Va.) Sheriff’s Office, Project Lifesaver uses wristbands or anklets with small transmitters to help find a lost person quickly.

We are determined to give parents and caregivers access to this tool. Your donation will help purchase a limited number of wristbands at no cost to individuals with autism who exhibit runaway or wandering-off behaviors. Have a loved one who could benefit from a Project Lifesaver wristband, fill out this form.*

* All information will be sent to the local fire department for processing.

These wristbands have helped searchers locate missing persons in an average of


less time than
standard operations

About Project Lifesaver, projectlifesaver.org/about-us/

Every Dollar Counts!

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The Damar Foundation will match every donation dollar-for-dollar, up to $25,000!

Houston runs. He runs. And runs. And he keeps running. When there is an issue, he bolts from the house and into the streets.

His parents needed help. They needed help to make sure Houston, who has autism, not only stayed safe, but that he would grow and thrive as well. Indy Bands Together is here to help kids like Houston. Let’s do this together.


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