With the holidays upon us, shoppers everywhere are hitting the stores searching for the gift that’s just right for their loved one. But what about those shopping for a child with a disability?

Whether family or friends, anyone who has shopped for a child that has special needs knows that a little extra thought and time may be required. While every child’s skills and ability levels are unique, some factors that may affect their level of play include:

  • Cognitive Delays – affect a child’s intellectual functioning and awareness
  • Hearing / Visual Impairment – decreased ability to see or hear to a degree that causes issues
  • Motor Delays – including coordination of muscle groups, difficulty holding onto small objects, trouble walking, and other limitations in mobility
  • Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Delays – often cause issues interacting with others, self-managing positive and/or negative emotions, and interpreting social cues
  • Speech and Language Delays – displayed in limited vocabulary or lack of complex sentences; can be combined with difficulty understanding words or concepts

As you can imagine, a toy that may be considered age-appropriate for some may not be suitable for a child living with intellectual or behavior disabilities. Just like you wouldn’t give a thousand-piece puzzle to a toddler, it’s important to choose appropriate, safe, and exciting gifts for children with any disability.

This holiday guide includes top gift recommendations by the specialists on staff at Damar, who work 24-7 to support and encourage children with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities – helping them live more independent, happy and successful lives.

Sometimes gift giving can take a little extra effort. However, the time spent asking for recommendations, brainstorming fresh ideas, and reading through reviews will pay off. After all, the joy of watching a child open a gift picked out specifically for them is priceless.

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Ask Damar experts for their specific suggestions. Happy shopping!

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