Foster Care

Being Needed and Meeting Needs

You find them all across Indiana: children who need caring parents.

Maybe you’ve considered being one of those caring parents, but you just aren’t sure what to expect or how to learn more. Damar Foster Care Services, a fully licensed, not-for-profit child placement agency, can provide you with everything you need to become a foster parent.

While Damar Services serves children with developmental and behavioral disabilities, Damar Foster Services assists all children – with and without disabilities – in finding caring foster parents. To learn more about foster parenting call Guenevere Kalal at 317.813.4720, or email her at

7 Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent

While there are several factors that can impact the timing process of becoming a foster parent, the average time frame ranges from 3 to 5 months.


1. Get in touch with us.

Ready to become a foster parent? Just want to learn more? Call Guenevere Kalal at 317.813.4720, or email her at

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2. Attend a New Foster Parent Orientation Meeting.

Meet one-on-one with a Damar Foster Care Services representative to learn more about foster parenting. We’ll also review the Licensing Application Packet with you and help you register for training.

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3. Complete the application.

Be open, honest, and thorough. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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4. Attend foster care training.

Indiana requires foster parents to complete 10 hours of Resource and Adoptive Parent Training (RAPT), as well as other training. In addition, Damar Foster Care Services requires that you participate in another 10 hours of pre-service training- just to make sure you’re fully prepared.

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5. Participate in the Home Study Process.

A Damar Foster Care Services representative will arrange to make two or three visits to your home to interview you and any other family members or household residents.

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6. Wait out the approval process.

Sit tight! It might seem like nothing’s happening, but the process is moving along.

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7. Prepare for a child to be placed in your home.

Congratulations! Once your license is approved, you’ll be ready to care for a foster child. Damar Foster Care Services will help with the placement of a foster child in your care. We’ll always be there to support and guide you while a foster child is placed with your family.