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Teaching the Whole Child

Your child is more than a disability. He or she is a whole person, capable of learning and of achieving goals.

At Damar Academy, a private Freeway accredited school, we teach the whole child. Our specially trained teachers –  licensed by the State of Indiana with endorsements in special education – blend education and therapy in a way that helps your child truly learn and prepares him or her to live as independently as possible.

Your child will be instructed in communication, behavioral, academic, motor and adaptive skills as well as social and emotional development. In addition, Damar Academy will teach him or her independent and semi-independent living skills, both in the classroom and in community, giving your child the opportunities not only to learn new, practical skills but also to practice them in real-world settings. The students also learn vocational skills to help prepare them for post-secondary education.

Damar Academy offers comprehensive special education services for students ages 6 to 21. Damar Academy is fully accredited by the Indiana Department of Education and can contract with local school corporations to provide educational programming to children who qualify. Most of its students come from Indiana, but Damar Academy also accepts students from other states.

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Welcome to Damar Academy!

Choosing a school for your child with special needs can be one of the toughest decisions that you, as a parent, will make for your child. Damar Academy believes that each child is unique and therefore the way they learn should be centered around how they are able to learn best. At Damar Academy you will find an academic curriculum based on each child’s individualized education needs that will allow the child to achieve success in their school and community.

Damar Academy continues to build better futures for children who face life’s greatest behavioral and developmental disabilities by focusing on individualized care. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Erin Crick
Director of Educational Services
Damar Academy